Yin Yoga Flow for Lower Back Relief (60 Minute Video)

Alright tribe, so while I would love to claim ownership for this incredible yin yoga for the lower back sequence, I have to give credit where credit is due. The teachers over at Yoga International created this healing yin yoga sequence and thank the lord they did, because this girl isn’t trained in the formalities […]

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Winner Winner

Hey guys!

It’s the night before the POP Star Party at 24 Hour Fitness! Are you guys going!?

I know it’s totes last minute, but in case you haven’t seen my IG posts, my FB posts or my newsletters…I am inviting you RIGHT NOW to come to a POP Party to experience POP Pilates live! To find the class nearest you click here.


If you come early, you will be gifted a pair of POP sunglasses! I was so excited to make these for you guys. When we initially ordered them, my priority was to have them sent to the clubs. But guess what? I don’t even have one yet!!! I haven’t even touched one! Haha. So, I’m going to do a surprise visit to someone’s class tomorrow cuz… I want one.

Anyway, I hope you go guys! Bring your friends and fam. The event is free and you don’t need a 24 Hour Fitness membership either!

Now…I know why you’re here. You want to know who won the HUGE Focus Journal Giveaway!!!

Last week, I uploaded a video to YouTube explaining my tips for getting fit in school! And at the end, I showed you guys all of my favorite stationery and organizational supplies. I had a really fun time shopping for it all, but I’m so much more happy when I get to share it with one of you guys.

We’ve all been waiting 7 long, excruciating days for this.

So, now I shall announce the winner of the Focus Journal giveaway!!!

And the winner is…Christine M.!

Congrats girl! I just left you a comment back on YouTube. Please email me and I will get your huge package sent out right away!

Yay guys!

Now if you didn’t win, don’t be sad. You can still get the Focus Journal on popflexactive.com! There’s still some left but they’re going super quick! And if you like all the other stuff I had in the video, just visit Target and Paper Source!

Love you so much!

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7 Products I’ve Used & Loved for Years

Hi, guys! Happy Friday!

The other day, I was out with one of my girlfriends and she gave me a compliment on my hair. She said it looked healthy and shiny and then she ask me what my secret was. I immediately replied, “magic hairspray!” I explained it actually wasn’t hairspray at all, but a “silkening mist” that I’ve used for years. My friend Marie actually introduced me to it back in 2011, and I’ve used and loved it ever since. It’s the best!

My “magic hairspray” actually got me thinking about some of the products that I buy again and again because I just love them so much. I’m always on the lookout for the best new products, but these ones are tried-and-true favorites that just can’t be topped! I highly recommend each of these products and, if you decide to try them, know you’ll love them, too!

Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist (aka “magic hairspray”) – This stuff is the best ever, especially when you’re having a bad hair day. It instantly adds shine, smooths frizz, and smells so great. It’s basically like giving your hair a boost when it needs it most. My go-t0 hairstyle lately is towel-drying my hair, spritzing it with sea salt spray and magic hairspray, and then letting it air dry. This gives me soft, smooth waves with very minimal effort!

Brooks Glycerin – My favorite running shoe ever – and I wore them even before I started working with Brooks. They provide just the right amount of flexibility and “bounce,” but they’re also stable and supportive in all the right places. FYI: Zappos.com has free shipping both ways!

Teddie Peanut Butter – I’ve tried a lot of peanut butter brands over the years and nothing tops Teddie. It truly has the best flavor and texture ever. It’s rich and thick, and it’s only ingredients are peanuts and salt.

SFH protein powder – I love SFH because it tastes great (Churro and Vanilla are my favorite flavors) and doesn’t have any of that funny stuff in it. It’s whey protein, but it doesn’t mess with my stomach like some other whey protein powders.

Juno Sports Bra – I know I’ve mentioned this sports bra on CNC a zillion times in the past, but it’s truly one of my long-time favorites and has served me well for years now. I typically wear my beloved Juno for long-distance running because it has plenty of support, shape (no uni-boob), full coverage (no crazy cleavage), and adjustable straps that completely un-Velcro when you need it. I also love that it’s a racerback to go with all of my tank tops. Best sports bra ever!


Nikki’s Coconut Butter – My favorite flavor is the vanilla cake batter, but I love a lot of Nikki’s options! I often eat it straight from the jar with a spoon, and it’s the perfect bite of deliciousness when you need something sweet. I also like spreading it on rice cakes and mashing it with banana or berries. So good!

Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara – I’ve tried a lot of expensive mascaras over the years, but I still love Full & Soft from Maybelline. It lifts and separates lashes, and it’s priced right! 🙂

Question of the Day

What product(s) do you love and used for years now? 


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Yesterday Was A Good Day

Hi, guys!

So, yesterday was a good day. When looking back on how the beginning of 2017 started for me, life has come a long way. Yesterday was a nice mix of work and life, and, well… I guess things just felt balanced for once, which, for the record, is not how my life typically feels. Not even exaggerating, I apologize to at least one person every week for being a “hot mess.” I’m usually running around like a chicken with its head cut off (aka hot mess mode), but yesterday was a good day. Here’s a little recap…

I set my alarm for 5:31 AM, planning to work at home before Mal and Quinn woke up for the day. Unfortunately, I woke up Murphy, who is the loudest creature ever when the potential for food is involved. He (Murphy) ended up waking up Quinn, who I tried to put back to bed with no luck. My attempt eventually turned into him (Quinn) climbing into our bed and then Murphy repeatedly laying on him… and then Quinn not liking it. *sigh* After that, we all went downstairs and it was pretty obvious no work was getting done. Whomp whomp. But at least I had a delicious breakfast to enjoy!

After breakfast, I got Quinn ready for the day, woke up Mal (he wanted to go to CrossFit), and took Murphy for a walk.

A hot second later, we all got into the car to drive Qman to daycare and Mal and me to CrossFit.

It was a fun workout – I managed 8 HSPUs in a row and then died for the rest. HSPUs are not my thing.

Post-workout protein shake!

Then, French Toast iced coffee. (I drank half and left half in the fridge at home for later. With all of this hormonal stuff going on, I’m trying to keep my caffeine intake to a minimum.)

I also had a few bites of Mal’s honey dip donut – post-workout carbs for the win! 🙂

Back at home, I showered and got myself ready for the day. I also threw together a quickie lunch of ground chicken, sweet potato ribbons, and cowboy caviar.

Then, I ran a few errands. My goal for this week/weekend is to organize our kitchen cabinets. They’re scary. These plastic woven baskets are the perfect size and on sale this week!

I also stumbled upon some almond butter with protein – genius! I bought a packet, and it’s delicious. Now I want a whole jar! 🙂

After running my errands, I headed to the Capital One Cafe to meet Kerrie and tackle our To Do list. While there, I snacked on Peanut Butter + Banana + Rice Cake in a Jar (PBBRCIAJ). It was quite delicious and a much more travel-friendly way to eat my favorite snack!

I packed up around 5:30 PM and headed to Whole Foods to buy dinner and apple juice for Qman (he’s getting new tubes put into his ears tomorrow, and he can only drink apple juice or water in the morning. I figured apple juice might distract him from his hunger since he can’t eat in the morning before his surgery).

I finished off dinner with a Mini Oatwich, which was heavenly and worth every calorie! (I think the calorie counts at Whole Foods are new, right? I hadn’t seen them before.)

After that, I treated myself to a little beauty night. First, I got a manicure at MiniLuxe.

And then I headed next door for a blow-out from Lynne (she did an awesome job!) at Toni & Guy. It was quite the nice way to end Hump Day! 🙂

Question of the Day

How was your hump day? Was it a good day or something else? 

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10-Minute Office Yoga at Your Desk

Some short office yoga at your desk to break up your workday can improve your health and mood and may even spill over into positive lifestyle changes at home. Back in the day, before email, texting, remote work, and other modern-day conveniences, people were often a lot more active on the job. If you had […]

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Our Next Big Adventure

Hi, guys! Happy Hump Day! 🙂

So, yesterday, when my alarm clock went off at 5:01 AM, I was not ready to start the day. Oh my gosh, it was the last thing I wanted to do. It was gray and rainy outside, and I was soooo comfy in my bed, but, of course, I had a full day planned. Up and at ’em!

The first stop of my day: Starbucks. I might have been their first customer of the day. Haha!

I ordered a decaf doppio over ice and added half & half to it. I also brought my breakfast from home – Seed-tastic Overnight Chia-Flax Pudding with a big ol’ scoop of peanut butter.

I checked my email while I ate my breakfast and then I ordered Qman a new Lollacup and some replacement pieces because suddenly we have, like, no sippy cups. Where do they go!?! I actually bought a couple of new ones from Target just a couple of weeks ago, but Qman is not a fan. He’s a die-hard Lollacup lover, so I figured I might as well order a new one and revive the ones with missing pieces.

After that I registered for an upcoming event with our business mentor, Dan Martell. Sales Pipeline Intensive? Oh, yes, Designed to Fit Nutrition is venturing into the world of software.

Introducing: Nutrition House Software Systems! In January 2018, we’ll offer our kick-ass, totally custom DTFN software to the masses.

If you’re currently coaching nutrition clients/making meal plans and you want to grow your business or simply save yourself some time, please drop me an email at tina@designedtofitnutrition.com. We’re looking for Early Adopters to try our software this fall before it launches in early 2018.

After spending a few hours at Starbucks work,work, working, it was time to break at sweat at CrossFit. The strength part of the workout was 1 Rep Max Cleans, and I hit my previous max (#145), no problem (I actually did it twice), but I could not get passed it. So many fails. Whomp whomp. It just wasn’t my day.

The WOD was a good one! Holy cow, I had Bambi legs by the end! (I subbed C2B Pull-Ups for the Muscle Ups.)

Back at home, I quickly showered and made a protein shake to go. In the mix: Frozen banana, strawberries, SFH vanilla protein powder, almond milk, and water.

After that, I packed up my lunch and hit the road for a dentist appointment. FYI: My sneakers are the new Revel running/lifestyle shoe from Brooks. They have a knit pattern on them (and I don’t want them to get dirty), so they’re more of a lifestyle shoe for me, but you can totally run in them. Long story short: They’re super cute and comfy!! 🙂

Post-dentist, I met Kerrie at the Captial One Cafe to do ALLTHETHINGS. While there, I broke into my lunch, which was ground chicken mixed with rice, spinach, and cowboy caviar from Trader Joe’s.

I also snacked on a mini Chocolate Cherry Health Warrior Bar and this delicious little pasty sample pictured below. Yum!

I finally packed up a little after 5:00 PM and drove home. Dinner was leftovers and meal prep randomness from the fridge. I’m glad we had food ready to go because I was hungry!

I totally flaked on taking a photo of my dinner, but I had leftover grilled chicken with sweet potato ribbons (from Trader Joe’s), feta, and broccoli. I did, however, snap this photo of Mal zapping Qman with a Proton Pack at the table. Ha!

Question of the Day

What awesome adventure have you been on this year? Or do you have a fun one planned for 2018? 

P.S. I’m competiting in Massage Envy’s  “Train Like a Pro Challenge,” so I’ll be using their all new Total Body Stretch to (hopefully) keep my muscle imbalances and related injuries in check. I want to train for a half marathon this fall, so my goal is to be able to run for 90 minutes without injury before I commit. Keep an eye out for more updates! In the meantime, please VOTE FOR ME over on the Train Like a Pro website. You can vote everyday and it only takes 2 seconds! TIA! 🙂


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My Wacky Hormones Story

Hi, guys!

I wanted to go into more detail about my “wacky hormones” since I received a few questions recently. I apologize for not giving more detail. Thursday’s post started as a “What I’m Loving Lately,” but then I just sort of rambled about the hormone stuff, leaving you guys in the dark about a lot of stuff. Sorry about that! Ok, so let’s rewind and give you a little background.

At 19 years old, I started to take oral contraceptives. I had always struggled with acne, and I had heard that the pill might help to regulate my hormones and clear it up. Plus, I had a long-term boyfriend, so… you know. I could get free oral contraceptives from my college’s health services department, so I figured why not? I was put on Ortho Tri-Cyclen and my skin cleared up within a few months. I don’t remember any major side effects, so I took that same pill for years.

When I moved to Boston after college, I didn’t have an OB/GYN, so I did some Googling and found my current doctor. When I was about 22/23 years old, she switched me to Alesse/Aviane. I don’t remember why she switched me to a new pill, but it worked just fine, so I stayed with it for, oh, a good 10 years.

In my early 30s, I got a little freaked out that I had been on the pill for so long. A friend of mine raved about her IUD, so I ended up stopping the pill and trying out the Mirena. I liked it just fine (I don’t remember any negative side effects) and used it until we decided to try to get pregnant.

After giving birth to Qman, I started a progestin-only oral contraceptive (recommended by my OB/GYN) because I was breastfeeding. I’m not sure if I had some postpartum depression going on, but taking that pill made me nuts. Holy mood swings! I joke that Mal kept me alive during those first few postpartum months (I was also bleeding and going to the bathroom 20 times a day), but he absolutely did. I was truly falling apart, both physically and mentally, so the progestin pill had to go. (I also started Remicade around this same time.) I knew the hormones were effecting me, so, this time, I went with the Paragard (non-hormonal/copper) IUD. (I also didn’t want to get surprise-pregnant on the Mirena – I know two people in real life who this happened to!) The Paragard was awful. For three months, I had bloating and swelling in my abdomen. My doctor said it should go away in a few weeks, but my abdomen was literally sore to the touch. I felt terrible, so I had it taken out.

After that, I decided to give my body a break and see if my hormones would balance themselves. Around this same time, Nicole contacted me about working together. I had just started Entyvio, but it was only kind of working. (It can take up to 6 months to work.) Our main goal was to address my GI issues, but it seemed liked a lot of them were tied to hormonal stuff. We tried natural progesterone and diet changes, but my hormones were still out of control. I had night sweats 2 weeks out of every month, heavy periods, and terrible cystic acne on my face and neck. I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I decided to go back to oral contraceptives.

That was a year ago, and, up until 10 days ago, I played the pill game, trying to find the right one. I started with a super low-dose pill (Lo Loestrin Fe), but I had breakthrough bleeding every month. After that, I tried Alesse/Aviane because it had worked for me in the past, but, again, I had breakthrough bleeding. Most recently, I tried Altavera, which was much higher in hormones (both estrogen and progestin), and I pretty much hated the whole experience. The side effects (hair loss, weight gain, dry skin, bloating, moodiness, fatigue) were just not fun, so I knew I needed to get off the pill.

So, that’s my story in a nutshell. I just stopped taking the pill a little over a week ago, so not much has happened with regard to my hormones, but I know I’m in for an adventure. I’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop with how things go!

Question of the Day

How are your hormones? Any words of wisdom for making this transition easier? 

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