We’re Never Leaving the South Shore

Hi, guys! Friday afternoon and evening were so incredibly fun! Seriously, it was probably the best of the summer so far! 🙂

After Quinn’s nap, we took Murphy to the park to stretch his pug legs and give the humans a little exercise of their own. Obviously, Murph Dog was pumped – just look at that face!

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We haven’t been to the park (Bare Cove) in awhile because dogs are now required to be on-leash. It’s a huge bummer because it was the best dog park ever. ***Update: I did some Googling and it looks like both Hingham residents and non-residents can apply to get an Off-Leash Dog Walking Permit. We are definitely going to look into this! Murphy would be so psyched for regular visits to the park again!

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So, when we arrived at the park, the (huge) parking lot was literally empty (ok, there was one car, but usually it’s packed), so we broke the rules and let Murphy run free for most of the walk. Rules were made to be broken! Haha! I mean, there was NO ONE at the park, which was kind of strange considering it used to be bumpin’ all the time.

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Murphy had THE BEST time at the park. He was ping-ponging all over the path – sniffing out new smells with the biggest smile on his face!

Photo Aug 04, 5 12 47 PM (960x1280)

Photo Aug 04, 5 12 52 PM (1280x1280)

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After the park, we headed to Hingham Shipyard for dinner. Trident (and Beer Works) both allow dogs outside on their patio, so we took Murphy with us. (I packed his dinner, so he could eat with us.)

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Qman’s Tegu blocks were a huge hit with the metal table and chairs!

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Mal and I started with oysters, which were just so perfect.

Photo Aug 04, 6 20 42 PM (1280x960)

For my entree, I ordered the garden salad with grilled shrimp on top. It totally hit the spot.

Photo Aug 04, 6 44 25 PM (1280x1280)

And, for dessert, we shared the chocolate hazelnut mousse. Mmm!

Photo Aug 04, 7 12 24 PM (1280x960)

After dinner, we walked over to a free outdoor concert.

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And, my gosh, it was a good time! The band played covers of popular country music and everyone was moving and grooving!

Photo Aug 04, 8 15 49 PM (960x1280)

Dance party!

Photo Aug 04, 8 19 08 PM (960x1280)

I love where we live so much. I can’t believe there was a time in my life when I didn’t want to move to the South Shore. I still remember driving to see our first house and thinking it was sooooo far outside the city. I didn’t think I was ready for life in the suburbs, but now that we live here (even more south now), I never want to leave. Ever.

Photo Aug 04, 8 34 33 PM (960x1280)

It was an A+ night for sure!

Photo Aug 04, 8 41 27 PM (1280x1280)

Back at home, I snacked on a vanilla almond Health Warrior Chia Bar, which is my favorite flavor. It tastes like dessert, so it was just what I wanted at the end of the night.

Photo Aug 04, 9 29 23 PM (960x1280)

Question of the Day

Do you love where you live? What makes it so special?

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